An African at Large

Arianna Fleur  und Derek Roberts


7 min, HD Video, Farbe, 16:9

Performance: Derek Roberts
Buch, Regie, Schnitt: Arianna Fleur

Kamera: Caroline Bobek
Musik: "The Watcher", Avishai Cohen

The work, “An African at Large”, first conceptualized, produced and performed by Derek Roberts in 2009, now placed in the context of film, deals with matters of visibility (and invisibility), legality (and illegality) and presence (and non-presence) of both people and merchandise; specifically those of post-colonial circumstance in present-day Europe. The film acts as both documentation and interpretation of the performance, which took place on June 1st, 2013 in the elite first-district shopping area of Vienna, “am Graben”. As bewildered tourists and Viennese-natives passed by, with families, pets and countless shopping bags, a dialogue between the momentary inhabitants of this central, touristic, urban space and the artist, performing as street-seller, occurred.


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