Workshop with Gangart / Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler 
at Šaloun - The Studio of Visiting Artist / Academy of Fine Arts,  Prague

A real time sequence, which will be the outcome of the workshop, is the result of feeding an ideal mixing console with channels of heterogenious contents. These single tracks - just as the resulting mix - have a duration of 4 minutes, the length of a good pop song. 

The first track is space, eg. relates to the spatial situation 
of the surroundings of the Šaloun or the Šaloun building itself. 
______________ Space is the fix track of the composition
Other tracks, generated expeditiously during the Workshop, 
are based on the current artistic occupation of the participants, 
in a medium of free choice. They could be (2-4 of the following):
______________ a sound track
______________ an activity track
______________ a moving image track
______________ a light track
______________ a text track

The mixing console consits of any kind of manipulation of the tracks, respectively their relations to each other. It serves to experiment with heterogeneous connections, which may mix "words, things, sounds, power and geography", stressing differential relations rather than the unity of a representation or of identity of the produced or chosen material.

Teamwork - ideally 2 persons - for the creation of the tracks for one mix is worthwhile.